Get Started

I don’t know what you’ve been putting off, but today is the day to get started. You’ll never finish what you don’t start.

For today’s journaling activity, write about what you’ve been putting off and why you’ve been putting it off. Maybe you’ve been putting it off because you don’t feel ready or because you’re afraid people will dislike you. Whatever your reasons, I want you to evaluate whether or not they are true. For example – Are you really not ready? I bet you’re ready enough to take the next step. Or will people really dislike you? Maybe, but if people will dislike you for whatever your thing is, are those people worth your energy?

Comment below with what you’re going to start today and any revelation you had while you journaled.

Fear: Friend or Foe?

Fear keeps us stuck.

What are you afraid of that’s keeping you from moving forward? Will whatever it is you fear still be problematic in 1 year? Is it actually problematic now?

I’m not poo-pooing fear. Fear is real and serves a purpose. Fear can keep you from doing dangerous things, but fear is also deceptive. Fear will have you believing something is dangerous when it’s merely unknown or uncomfortable.

So, I’ll ask again: What are you afraid of that’s keeping you from moving forward? Is that fear founded in something real and dangerous or destructive? Or is that fear founded in something that’s unknown or uncomfortable?

One year from now will you feel confident in having listened to your fear, or will you feel regret in having succumbed to it?

Take 5 minutes, right now, if you can, to journal about what fears you’re carrying with you today.  Evaluate those fears to determine if they will result in confidence or regret one year from now. Then act accordingly.

Comment below with what you learned about yourself.

Tune in for an Interview with Roshaunda (that’s me!)

I am going to be featured on Conversations in the Nic of Time radio show in an interview with Nicci Roach. I’ll be discussing writing, offering some writing tips, and talking about coaching women working on their doctorates. I’ll also drop a few tidbits about myself you may not have known. 🙂

The audio from the interview will air on the radio, KSTL Jubilee 690 AM on Tuesday, January 26th at 1:00pm CST. To hear the show, tune into KSTL 690 AM (East St. Louis and St. Louis), or via the Simple Radio App (type in KSTL Jubilee 690 in the search bar). Visit the YouTube channel to view the video recording (same date and time or on-demand).

Please tune in and spread the word!