Summer Session Means Stress for Skeleton Staff


Good morning fabulous OWC coaches!

Well, the time is upon us when the OWC traffic will ramp up. Students are coming off of the holiday and hunkering down to finish their summer terms. While f2f traffic has been light, the OWC has been busier this year than normal (as you know!). Based on how our numbers have increased steadily over the past AY, I anticipate this summer’s rush may be brutal.

I’ll send papers to you as they come in, and I’ll watch your workload, so I don’t inundate you. Please do your best to adhere to our turnaround time. If you can’t, just let me know, and I’ll communicate that to students as I send them their confirmation notices. Oh, and of course, I’m adding our standard crunch time clause to the confirmation notices that due to increased usage, our turnaround time may be delayed.

Please let me know your schedules, so I can plan out how and when to send papers your way. I appreciate your willingness in the past to work beyond your hours, and I’m asking if you’d be willing to do it again. As always, keep track of your hours, and we will flex your overages when the demand decreases. I’m so grateful for you and how you have handled our crunch times in the past. You all are the best.

Per usual, if anything wonky happens or if any nastygrams come your way, let me know and forward all documentation to me. I’ll handle whatever comes up.

It’s an honor to work with the best OWC team on the planet. I’m awed by how such a small crew serves so many students so well.

Let me know what questions or concerns you have or how I can serve you better.



Session Notes

Higher Order Concerns

  • We talked about ways to develop a main idea using the following strategies
  • Listing
  • Scribing
  • Considering readers’ needs and what is missing that will help make meaning
  • Essay Organizer worksheet

Lower Order Concerns

I pointed out some patterns of error, including punctuation and how to recognize a sentence and know when sentences begin and end. I sent the student home with a handout on sentence fragments and run-on sentences, but we spent the bulk of the time in the session on developing the main idea.

Student learning

The student learned that a first draft is a great start, not a final attempt, and to reread work with an eye for what readers will need to understand. Student gained confidence in writing ability.

Dr. Jones’ note to self: Glamorous my life is not. Satisfying it is, yes.