Independent Learning

Check out the various LELA House offerings for independent learning below.


Journaling for Transformation

Online course delivered daily to your inbox for 66 days

Discover your next step in life through 31 daily mini lessons and ongoing daily journaling prompts – and it will only take you about 10 minutes per day. You can do this!

Writing I-2-Oh!

Self-paced online writing course

In this self-paced online course, you will learn a system to strategize and organize your nonfiction writing ideas.

Daily Devotional Journal – AM

Online devotional scriptures and journal prompts delivered to your inbox daily for 30 days

Are you struggling to prioritize daily quiet time with God? Through daily journaling about selected scriptures, you’ll create a habit of meeting God every morning.

Sistahs on the Doctoral Journey

A publication for black women to share their doctoral stories

Are you a black woman who has survived a doctoral program? You should write about your experiences and share them with the world.

Documenting the journey that led to your accomplishment is a worthy endeavor. You probably suffered on the journey, and writing is cathartic and healing. Others will benefit from your story and gain insight and encouragement.

Writing with Roshaunda

A Youtube playlist of Roshaunda’s favorite writing tips  

Writing is hard, but it’s a skill you can learn and improve through practice. I offer quick videos on some of my favorite writing tips.


Reading with Roshaunda

A Youtube playlist of Roshaunda reading from 19th Century American texts 

The long 19th Century spans the time in American history between the nation’s founding and the US entry into WWI. Great literature from that era abounds, but people often shy away from it, because it seems incomprehensible and intimidating. I read from lesser known texts of that era and offer explanations, commentary, and analysis on those texts.

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