Roshaunda facilitates Kitchen Table Talk groups that study books together, discuss the current realities and future prospects of education, and plan next steps. It’s like taking the conversation that began in the salon and moving it to the kitchen where you can sit around the table, break bread, and dive deep.

A Kitchen Table Talk group is a cohort of likeminded people striving to develop themselves, grow through the collective wisdom of the group, and foster change in the world. Group discussions begin with book study but expand to personal, professional, and social applications. Discussions also include writing and strategizing. Joining a Kitchen Table Talk Group is an investment in your own development and a commitment to the people partnering with you through the group. It’s an opportunity to forge connection and accountability. If you are an education maverick seeking personal and community growth and transformation then a Kitchen Table Talk group is for you.

Upcoming Kitchen Table Talk Group begins in September 2020

Roshaunda is forming a group for a 12-week study of Emotional Agility by Susan David, beginning in September 2020. Learn to “positively connect with your emotions, act according to your deepest values, and flourish” in every area of life. Give yourself the gift of personal development just in time for the holiday season.

Summary (from the back cover of the book)

“Over her career as a psychologist and consultant, Susan David has found that the happiest people have exactly the same stresses and setbacks as anyone else. The difference is that they have learned to unhook themselves from unhelpful patterns of thought and behavior. They are emotionally agile.

“Drawing on more than twenty years of academic and professional experience, Susan David has pioneered a new way of helping us make peace with ourselves. Emotional Agility will help you to positively connect with your emotions, act according to your deepest values, and flourish.”


  • Week 1 – Develop shared values and establish group intent
  • Week 2 – Discussion begins with chapter 1
  • Week 3 – Discussion begins with chapter 2
  • Week 4 – Discussion begins with chapter 3
  • Week 5 – Discussion begins with chapter 4
  • Week 6 – Discussion begins with chapter 5
  • Week 7 – Discussion begins with chapter 6
  • Week 8 – Discussion begins with chapter 7
  • Week 9 – Discussion begins with chapter 8
  • Week 10 – Discussion begins with chapter 9
  • Week 11 – Discussion begins with chapter 10
  • Week 12 – Discussion begins with chapter 11 and concludes with next steps

Time Commitment: Each Kitchen Table Talk meeting will last 75 minutes, with specific meeting dates and times TBD by the group.

Number of Participants: Each Kitchen Table Talk group will have 5 – 10 participants. Keeping the group small allows for robust conversation and deep connections between everyone in the group. Registration closes August 22, 2020. Register early to save your spot.

If you already have a cohort you’d like to participate together in the Kitchen Table Talk group, contact Roshaunda to discuss possibilities.

Investment: $247/person (for the 12 week session, book not included)

Kitchen Table Group registration

Register now to reserve your spot in LELA House's upcoming Kitchen Table Group. After you've registered, you will receive information about meeting dates, times, and access. Thank you!


Questions? Click to contact Roshaunda.

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