Roshaunda offers life coaching and writing coaching to educators.

What is a life coach?

Did you know that the time you invest in your personal growth and creativity improves all areas of your life?

The International Coaching Federation defines coaching as “Partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential” (https:/

I offer Educator Care Coaching – life coaching for educators by a lifelong educator. I help you discover your unique strengths and challenges, develop the mindsets that serve you instead of hinder you, and plan your next steps.

What is a writing coach?

I offer Confident and Courageous Writing to educators looking to hone their writing skills. As a writing coach, I dig deep into your unique writing strengths and challenges (whether that’s your own mindset, grammar, voice, or what have you). I teach you how to recognize and fix your own patterns of error, and I do developmental editing. That’s looking for what isn’t present in your writing as much as looking at what is there. So if I find holes in your argument or think an alternate structure would be more appropriate, for example, that’s work we would tackle together as well. In short, I work to support your development as a writer.

If you are interested in receiving coaching or just have a few questions, please schedule a free 30-minute exploration conversation below, so we can discuss how we can partner together.

If you’re already a client and would like to schedule a session, please access my calendar below.

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