RaShawn Johnson

RaShawn Johnson – Pursuing a doctoral degree for me has elicited an array of raw, intensifying emotions ranging from elation, disappointment, determination, fear, anger, uncertainty and faith. These supercharged emotions over the course of my pursuit to obtain my doctoral degree have afforded me opportunities to interact and forge professional and collegial relationships with an ample number of individuals. Some of the individuals I have encountered enhanced my educational journey, and others created mental and physical barriers that forced me to rely heavily on God and his promises.

I was referred to Dr. Roshaunda Cade for dissertation coaching to pull all of my dissertation loose ends together, and solidify my writing, so that my hard-work and passion for literacy could be conveyed to not only my committee members, but ultimately the world. Over time, my journey to secure such a rewarding and prestigious accomplishment became burdensome and my confidence was shattered, to say the least.

 Upon my first coaching session with Dr. Roshaunda Cade, my confidence and my attitude were positively altered, and God gave me peace during my coaching sessions with her. She has a way of inspiring, highlighting and thought-provokingly guiding you to recognize your writing strengths and weaknesses simultaneously. Her kind tone and professional knowledge base ignites one to retrieve from their mental schema the grammar and Standard English rules and protocols warranted for various writing situations.  Our weekly sessions unleashed and renewed my passion and rationale for becoming an educator and an advocate for literacy. I am a storyteller and have been noted for my creative flair in teaching and presenting literature. After my first few sessions with her, I felt lighter and free.

 Sure, I still encountered disappointments week after week, due to other factors unrelated to her; however, my faith and determination were fierce because we prayed during all of our sessions and we were unified in our teaching and learning efforts, and she made me feel like my doctoral completion was her number one priority.

 I would highly recommend Dr. Roshaunda Cade for your dissertation or basic writing needs, because she is highly qualified and passionate about mentoring the whole person and not just their writing needs. There is an old saying which states, “God brings people in your life for various seasons and reasons.”  I am extremely glad he brought her into my life, and I am honored to share my experience with you. Seek Dr. Roshaunda Cade for your academic or personal needs. She can definitely aid you in righting your writing wrongs.  

Published by Roshaunda D. Cade

I am an educator, writer, and creator. I live in St. Louis, MO with my husband and teenage children and enjoy reading, writing, dancing, and pushing my creative boundaries.