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Roshaunda offers virtual talks, presentations, and workshops developed from her 20+ years teaching and coaching writing.

Current offerings include the topics below. Roshaunda also customizes talks, workshops, and presentations, so if you don’t see what you’re looking for, schedule an exploration conversation Roshaunda to create a unique experience for your organization.

Journal Writing Workshop

Learn about journaling, why it’s beneficial (HINT – one reason is it improves creativity in all areas of your life), and how to incorporate it into your daily practice. This is a great event for groups interested in developing reflective practices, personal growth, and creativity.

Writing Process Workshop

Learn what the writing process is and how to use it to gain confidence in your writing. This event partners well with libraries and other organizations with patrons who want to improve their nonfiction writing skills (for blog posts, essays, articles, and book chapters).

Community Writing Workshop

Discover what community writing is and learn its benefits. In the process, your group will create an anthology of members’ thoughts on concepts customized to your group. This is a great exercise for teams working through mission, values, and vision statements, as well as culture shifts.

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