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Reading and writing are powerful ways to interact with the world and with yourself. More than that, reading and writing are freedom. They are such fundamental ingredients in freedom that they were kept from women for centuries.

The absence of reading and writing was once considered oppression, and people fought and died so we could freely exercise reading and writing. Yet today, many of us, maybe even most of us, don’t spend much time reading and writing.

Am I saying we are complicit in our own oppression when we don’t allocate time to reading and writing? Yes. But I’m not here to condemn or judge.

What I’m really getting at, however, is that reading and writing are practices we can and should engage in outside of whatever feels necessary in our days.

Reading and writing are good for us. Through them we learn and grow. We relax. We invent. We form communities. We decompress. We laugh. We cry. We experience the entire range of the human experience. Reading and writing help us be our best selves.

Being your best self includes cultivating the mindsets, practices, and habits that allow you to understand that God created you uniquely and then to dive into your God-given uniqueness.

I have found reading and writing to be powerful tools of discovery and expression. Exploring these tools, and leaning into them honestly, can change you and change the world.

LELA House is here to support you on your reading and writing journey.

LELA House Services

Pocket Coaching is 30 days of asynchronous writing coaching. It’s like having a writing coach in your pocket. If you ever need someone to walk alongside you while you’re working on a writing project, then asynchronous writing coaching is for you. Asynchronous writing coaching is a great way to ask for and receive feedback on your writing – on your schedule – and to give yourself time to think, process, and respond without the pressure of synchronous interactions. Click below to find out more.

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Christian devotionals!

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Monthly reading and writing community activities!

What community members say about LELA House….

Through writing with guidance from LELA life coach, Dr. Roshaunda Cade, I’m trying to heal myself after years of having my autonomy and feelings invalidated by my family because of my disabilities. Writing and discussing my thoughts with Dr. Cade helps me to step back and examine myself like an alien. How do my values manifest? How do my values shape who I am? How do I want my values to manifest? Dr. Cade is helping me on my journey of self-actualization by encouraging me to shine a light on my own S.TA.R. stories that highlight how I use my talents daily to live my life, and I know her guidance can help you too!

― Margarita S.

I have been struggling with starting a blog post and public presentation. This course has given me basic skills to begin my writing and taking my preparation to the next level. Roshaunda explained the information in a way I could understand. I truly appreciated that at one point she is changing ideas and talks through the process and this was very helpful for me because my thoughts are continuously evolving. Thank you Roshaunda for this course.

― Robert H.

In life, sometimes you may find that you need some direction and/or encouragement in making a major life decision. This was the case for myself. More specifically, I was trying to figure out the career that’s right for me. Through Dr. Roshaunda Cade’s coaching, I was able to determine the career I would like to pursue. Dr. Cade is highly-knowledgeable, upbeat, supportive, and always has some words of encouragement. I am forever grateful for the coaching/guidance she provided me.

― Auriel C.

Upon my first coaching session with Dr. Roshaunda Cade, my confidence and my attitude were positively altered, and God gave me peace during my coaching sessions with her. She has a way of inspiring, highlighting and thought-provokingly guiding you to recognize your writing strengths and weaknesses simultaneously. Her kind tone and professional knowledge base ignites one to retrieve from their mental schema the grammar and Standard English rules and protocols warranted for various writing situations. I would highly recommend Dr. Roshaunda Cade for your dissertation or basic writing needs because she is highly qualified and passionate about mentoring the whole person and not just their writing needs.

― RaShawn J.

Hi, I’m Roshaunda D. Cade, Ph.D., I’m a certified executive life coach, certified life story coach, writing coach, and bibliocoach. I hold a bachelors, masters, and doctorate in English, and I’ve spent most of my career teaching writing and running university writing centers. I love to read and write, and I love helping people ignite (or reignite) a passion for self-growth, exploration, expression, and transformation through reading and writing. I created LELA House to support women like you. I love to serve, and I enjoy helping people become who God created them to be. I believe God created every individual, including you, with a unique design to transform the world. I can’t wait to work with you.

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The mission of LELA House is to rethink school and reframe education by using coaching, literacy, and creativity to support learners, families, and educators as they pursue their purpose.

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The vision of LELA House is to ignite worldwide revival by empowering people to discover their unique designs, become critically engaged, and transform their communities.