Self Care & Connection for Educators

LELA stands for Life, Education, Literacy, Arts, and LELA House is a virtual community where educators explore self-care and connection through enriching their lives, learning, literacy, and creativity with coaching, consulting, and courses.

If you are an educator, then YOU will grow and thrive at LELA House.

If reading, writing, and creating are your go-to means of self-care (or if you want them to be), then LELA House is the right home for you to learn to practice self care and enrich your life. Now is the right time to choose yourself, discover your unique design, and become critically engaged. Why? So you have the energy, mental capacity, and joy to serve others and transform your community.

Let’s face it. As an educator, you are probably tired, stressed, and burned out. You love your work. You love pouring into students and creating environments where they can thrive.

But it’s exhausting. It’s draining. And some days (most days), you don’t have much left to take care of yourself your loved ones.

I’ve been there.

Educators create space and opportunity for learners and families to thrive, but who creates the same space and opportunity for educators to rejuvenate, learn, and grow?

That’s why I’m offering self-care experiences and connection opportunities to educators through LELA House.

Self-Care & Connection Experiences

Individual Educators (Group Experiences)

While it sometimes feels like it, you don’t exist in isolation – you exist in communities. To help educators thrive, LELA House offers community connection centered on writing, reading, and creativity. Enter Self-Care Sundays.

I don’t know about you, but Sundays can be the worst. You feel the dread and stress about the upcoming week and need a way to to settle and find peace and calm. You can do just that at the monthly Self-Care Sunday events. On the third Sunday of the month (January – May and August – November) take 90 minutes to read, write, create, and connect with other educators – all for free!

Join other educators to participate in the self-care experience for the month via Zoom.

Together we will experience one of the following for 1.5 hours.

  • DEAR – (Drop Everything And Read) – Bring whatever book, article, etc. you’re reading, if it’s for pleasure or work or education.
  • DEW – (Drop Everything & Write) – Bring your current writing project, if it’s personal, professional, or something in-between.
  • DEAC – (Drop Everything And Create) – Bring whatever creative project you’re pursuing that you can do on-camera – knitting, painting, organizing seeds for your garden, etc.
  • DEAM – (Drop Everything And Meditate) – Bring an open heart, a Bible/Bible app, and journaling supplies.

You will receive notice in advance of the event to let you know the focus and how to prepare yourself.

Click on Tickets below to sign up for an event.


LELA House supports institutions through coaching, consulting, and connection centered on writing, reading, and real & raw exploration. These experiences can be virtual or in-person, if you are in the St. Louis metropolitan area. Click to fill out the contact form for more information.

Community Writing Workshops – Participants explore topics salient to your institution through writing and reflection (75 minutes).

Values Workshops – Participants determine their values and how to activate them in daily decision-making. This workshop uses writing, reflection, and connection and can be useful to determine individual values or collective values (75 minutes).

Powerful Question Workshops – Participants break down and respond to a question about your institution’s impact and future. Then participants support each other in plotting a course forward. This workshop uses writing, reflection, and small and large group work (90 minutes).

Common Reading Sessions – Help your educators learn together by offering common book studies (60 minutes).

Educator Email Coaching – Provide 30 consecutive days of email coaching to your educators.

Confident & Courageous Coaching – Provide 3 months of 1:1 coaching personalized to meet the needs and outcomes of your educators.

What community members say about LELA House….

Through writing with guidance from LELA life coach, Dr. Roshaunda Cade, I’m trying to heal myself after years of having my autonomy and feelings invalidated by my family because of my disabilities. Writing and discussing my thoughts with Dr. Cade helps me to step back and examine myself like an alien. How do my values manifest? How do my values shape who I am? How do I want my values to manifest? Dr. Cade is helping me on my journey of self-actualization by encouraging me to shine a light on my own S.TA.R. stories that highlight how I use my talents daily to live my life, and I know her guidance can help you too!

― Margarita S.

I have been struggling with starting a blog post and public presentation. This course has given me basic skills to begin my writing and taking my preparation to the next level. Roshaunda explained the information in a way I could understand. I truly appreciated that at one point she is changing ideas and talks through the process and this was very helpful for me because my thoughts are continuously evolving. Thank you Roshaunda for this course.

― Robert H.

In life, sometimes you may find that you need some direction and/or encouragement in making a major life decision. This was the case for myself. More specifically, I was trying to figure out the career that’s right for me. Through Dr. Roshaunda Cade’s coaching, I was able to determine the career I would like to pursue. Dr. Cade is highly-knowledgeable, upbeat, supportive, and always has some words of encouragement. I am forever grateful for the coaching/guidance she provided me.

― Auriel C.

Upon my first coaching session with Dr. Roshaunda Cade, my confidence and my attitude were positively altered, and God gave me peace during my coaching sessions with her. She has a way of inspiring, highlighting and thought-provokingly guiding you to recognize your writing strengths and weaknesses simultaneously. Her kind tone and professional knowledge base ignites one to retrieve from their mental schema the grammar and Standard English rules and protocols warranted for various writing situations. I would highly recommend Dr. Roshaunda Cade for your dissertation or basic writing needs because she is highly qualified and passionate about mentoring the whole person and not just their writing needs.

― RaShawn J.

I’m Roshaunda D. Cade, Ph.D., certified executive life coach, education consultant, and writing coach. I hold a bachelors, masters, and doctorate in English, and I have extensive experience with online education and operating in virtual spaces. I’ve been working in education for 25 years – in higher education and high school, residence life, student affairs, academic resources, faculty development, writing centers, and, of course, teaching (at both the post-secondary and secondary levels). I’ve also supervised student workers as well as large teams of terminally degreed professionals. In short, I’ve worked in numerous facets of education and understand how educators feel. After my years working in education, I created LELA House to support educators through self-care, connection, and their own learning. I love to serve educators, and I enjoy helping people become who God created them to be. I believe God created every individual, including you, with a unique design to transform the world.


The mission of LELA House is to rethink school and reframe education by using coaching, literacy, and creativity to support learners, families, and educators as they pursue their purpose.


The vision of LELA House is to ignite worldwide revival by empowering people to discover their unique designs, become critically engaged, and transform their communities.