Life Coaching for All Educators

Educators deserve life coaching. I don’t mean educators should beg for life coaching from their institutions. I mean educators should have life coaching as part of their contracts. As a benefit of employment. As an option of services they can use for their own personal growth and well-being. And I mean all educators – teachers,Continue reading “Life Coaching for All Educators”


Today’s journaling prompt follows. What adventure do you want to go on this week? What character traits do you need to exhibit to make the most of your adventure? Please feel free to share your adventures in the comments!


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Photo by Tiffany Johnson Cade ©2018
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Hi, I’m Roshaunda. I’m a wife, mom, and educator, and I love learning, literacy, and creativity. I enjoy supporting learners and educators, and quiet as it’s kept, I believe everyone falls into both of those camps. My LELA House blog posts talk about life, learning, literacy, and creativity in any number of ways. I pray you get what you need and then some out of them.

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