No Sound

Y’all. My last 2 recorded readings didn’t have sound. I don’t know why. I’m not doing anything differently than I have in the past. I’m looking into it. I just wanted to update you, in case you were wondering what is going on with the lapse in readings. Have no fear, I have more 19th…

Pocket Coaching

As I’m a certified life coach, it comes a surprise to no one that I’ve worked long-term with a life coach. I may be biased, but I believe everyone needs someone they can talk out their quandaries with and set a plot forward for growth and momentum. I loved our biweekly Zoom calls, but what…


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Photo by Tiffany Johnson Cade ©2018
About Me

Hi, I’m Roshaunda. I’m a wife, mom, and educator, and I love learning, literacy, and creativity. I enjoy supporting learners and educators, and quiet as it’s kept, I believe everyone falls into both of those camps. My LELA House blog posts talk about life, learning, literacy, and creativity in any number of ways. I pray you get what you need and then some out of them.

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