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Different Perspective + Word of the Day

Well, let me tell you – my most recent combination was a winner winner chicken dinner. I didn’t know I was waiting to write from this character’s perspective, but apparently I was. I didn’t know I had flashbacks and military reprimands centered around a scythe lurking in the recesses of my mind. I give thisContinue reading “Different Perspective + Word of the Day”

Stop that; start this!

I love to ponder. I will while away entire days just thinking. But there comes a time when you need to do. Today is that time. Write about what you’re wishing about and what step you can take TODAY to start doing something about bringing that wish to fruition.


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Hi, I’m Roshaunda. I’m a wife, mom, and educator, and I love learning, literacy, and creativity. I enjoy supporting learners and educators, and quiet as it’s kept, I believe everyone falls into both of those camps. My LELA House blog posts talk about life, learning, literacy, and creativity in any number of ways. I pray you get what you need and then some out of them.

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