About Roshaunda

January 2020 CTEDU interview with Roshaunda

Welcome, Everyone!

Thank you for stopping by LELA House to recharge and connect.

I hold a bachelors, masters, and doctorate in English, and I’m a life coach. I’ve been teaching writing for over 20 years and have worked with high school students through graduate students. I’ve helped people writing their dissertations, and I’ve helped academic writers with their publication submissions. In short, I’ve helped hundreds of people learn to improve their writing.

I offer services in literacy and innovation to education mavericks who want to reimagine education. I’m committed to supporting these innovators as they discover their unique design, become critically engaged, and transform their communities.

I have a deep desire to support people on their journeys to be who God created them to be, and I created LELA House as a way to care for education innovators who want to discover and take their next steps.  LELA House is a space for coaching and community, learning and becoming, inspiration and transformation.

Yours in becoming and transformation,


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