Post-it Journaling

I considered lumping yesterday’s post about reading everywhere with today’s post about where to journal. As with reading, you can be prepared to journal wherever you find yourself, as long as you can access a manual or digital means of writing. This falls short, however, when thinking of privacy. I can journal everywhere, but IContinue reading “Post-it Journaling”

Read Everywhere

So far we’ve explored reading and journaling as educator self care, the benefits of reading and journaling, and some logistics of reading and journaling. Since we’ve covered the problem, the why, and the what, today we’ll begin diving into the where. First, however, I have a tale of vacation vomit to share. Around 8th orContinue reading “Read Everywhere”

Let Life Inspire What You Journal

A new pair of shoes got me re-evaluating my whole life today. The shoes arrived a few days ago, tantalizingly packaged in a black and white box. I recognize the black and white design of my new shoes matching the box was coincidental, but I appreciated this synergy as I unboxed my new kicks. IContinue reading “Let Life Inspire What You Journal”

Read What You Need

“As-Salaam-Alaikum!” That’s the first thing I remember my friend saying to me. I suppose that’s a good way to gauge the interests and mindset of a perfect stranger, because that stranger’s response will say a lot. Many responses would have been reasonable, particularly confusion, considering the audience (me) was not Muslim and did not speakContinue reading “Read What You Need”

Pros & Cons of Manual and Electronic Reading and Journaling

When you go to Braums and order a hot caramel sundae, the person scooping your ice cream will ask if you want whipped cream and a cherry. The only acceptable answer is, “Yes, please,” because you want both. Whipped cream is delicious, and so are maraschino cherries, but one could never substitute for the other.Continue reading “Pros & Cons of Manual and Electronic Reading and Journaling”

Two Simple Ways to Improve Your Writing – Reading and Journaling

In ninth or tenth grade, I wrote a story on the life of a piece of pocket lint. I don’t remember details about that piece of pocket lint, but I know it had an epic journey, and I felt good when I turned in the assignment. When my teacher returned my story to me, aContinue reading “Two Simple Ways to Improve Your Writing – Reading and Journaling”

Reading and Journaling Improve Mental Acuity

My first job out of college was as a hall director and director of minority affairs at a small college. I later added early alert coordinator to my list of duties. I loved it, but ever restless, I left to pursue full-time graduate studies. While in graduate school, I taught composition and African American studiesContinue reading “Reading and Journaling Improve Mental Acuity”

Reduce Stress Through Reading and Journaling

Studying for my doctoral comprehensive exams was beastly. I don’t recall how many books I had to have mastered, but it neared 100 – a collection of primary, secondary, theoretical, and other texts. Directing my comps study was a professor whose literary interests aligned with mine, actually the only person in the department with significantContinue reading “Reduce Stress Through Reading and Journaling”

Journaling and Reading Offer the Benefit of Risk in the Safety of Privacy

My friend had planned an escapade and somehow convinced me to go along. I would get permission to spend the night at her house. I spent much of my time at her house, anyway. I ate dinner over there, probably as much as I ate at my house. Check. After dinner, we would take ourContinue reading “Journaling and Reading Offer the Benefit of Risk in the Safety of Privacy”

Reading and Journaling are Low Entry Threshold Endeavors

I minored in education in college. I started on the teacher certification track, but I couldn’t make myself take micro economics. I signed up for micro every semester for my first three years of college. I went to the first class, left at the end of class, marched to the registrar’s office, and dropped it.Continue reading “Reading and Journaling are Low Entry Threshold Endeavors”