Stories as Powerful Self Care

My students were working on invention and thesis statements in class one day. I had 17 variations of the following conversation in one class period. It’s a wonder we had the opportunity for all of those discussions between the blasted bells. Student: I don’t know what to write about.Me: Have you thought about it?Student: IContinue reading “Stories as Powerful Self Care”

Introducing Writing I2Oh!

I mentioned I was dipping my toes into course creation, and I’m delighted to share with you the launch of my first online course. Writing I2Oh! (It’s pronounced Writing Eye Two Oh! – It loses something in a sans serif font – I’ll make sure to work on that for my next course title.) WhatContinue reading “Introducing Writing I2Oh!”

What’s Your Story?

I created a writing challenge for myself – America Me & Mine – to write 20 244-word blog posts about what America means to me. If you’d like to learn more about it and even join me, you can get more information here. I’d love to have you join me! Today’s post was about storytelling.Continue reading “What’s Your Story?”

Something Old, Something New

The online journal I use sends me daily flashbacks of journal entries. The following is my entry from July 4, 2016. I mean, what do I want really?  Really?  I want to follow God wherever He leads me.  I want to bridge high school and college.  I want to help people learn to become betterContinue reading “Something Old, Something New”