Journaling for Transformation: 31 Days to Discover Your Next Step is now open!

Stop struggling to discover your next step, and start journaling instead! Journaling for Transformation will help you cultivate a journaling habit and discover the next step of your transformation. You can access Journaling for Transformation by clicking HERE! In addition to all of the bonuses the course already offers you, if you purchase the course before Thursday, 9/17/20,Continue reading “Journaling for Transformation: 31 Days to Discover Your Next Step is now open!”


I’m an introvert. My journey through self care as an educator speaks as much to my introversion as it does to my love of reading and journaling. I have adored my work in education. But it is hard, draining, even debilitating. I’ve loved my students and colleagues, and I’ve fully spent myself on my work.Continue reading “#IntrovertEducator”

Celebrate Self Care

Sixteen days ago I began writing for a BYOB (Blog Your Own Book) challenge. The challenge is to write a blog post each day for the month of August, so that by the end of August, participants will have written the bulk of the material for a book. Today I am celebrating my courage toContinue reading “Celebrate Self Care”

Read What You Need

“As-Salaam-Alaikum!” That’s the first thing I remember my friend saying to me. I suppose that’s a good way to gauge the interests and mindset of a perfect stranger, because that stranger’s response will say a lot. Many responses would have been reasonable, particularly confusion, considering the audience (me) was not Muslim and did not speakContinue reading “Read What You Need”