OWC, Onward!

July 2017 So my therapist was right about journaling. I get jittery when I don’t journal. Am I an addict? Can you get addicted to journaling? Wait, why did I even sit down to journal? Ah, yes, budgets. How could I forget budgets. I need to start my budget proposal, and my dream is toContinue reading “OWC, Onward!”

Session Notes

Higher Order Concerns We talked about ways to develop a main idea using the following strategies Listing Scribing Considering readers’ needs and what is missing that will help make meaning Essay Organizer worksheet Lower Order Concerns I pointed out some patterns of error, including punctuation and how to recognize a sentence and know when sentencesContinue reading “Session Notes”

Just a Little Rob Base for Your Friday Afternoon

6/9/17 Dr. Laila E. Jones IM messages with a work colleague. Cecily – are you busy? I’m always busy. What’s up? For starters, why even is that your IM pic? Because he’s fine. Why is that your IM pic? Because she looks just like me. Sort of. What are you busy with? It’s 3p onContinue reading “Just a Little Rob Base for Your Friday Afternoon”