Summer Session Means Stress for Skeleton Staff

7/10/2017 Good morning fabulous OWC coaches! Well, the time is upon us when the OWC traffic will ramp up. Students are coming off of the holiday and hunkering down to finish their summer terms. While f2f traffic has been light, the OWC has been busier this year than normal (as you know!). Based on howContinue reading “Summer Session Means Stress for Skeleton Staff”

Session Notes

Higher Order Concerns We talked about ways to develop a main idea using the following strategies Listing Scribing Considering readers’ needs and what is missing that will help make meaning Essay Organizer worksheet Lower Order Concerns I pointed out some patterns of error, including punctuation and how to recognize a sentence and know when sentencesContinue reading “Session Notes”

Introducing Writing I2Oh!

I mentioned I was dipping my toes into course creation, and I’m delighted to share with you the launch of my first online course. Writing I2Oh! (It’s pronounced Writing Eye Two Oh! – It loses something in a sans serif font – I’ll make sure to work on that for my next course title.) WhatContinue reading “Introducing Writing I2Oh!”