Summer Session Means Stress for Skeleton Staff

7/10/2017 Good morning fabulous OWC coaches! Well, the time is upon us when the OWC traffic will ramp up. Students are coming off of the holiday and hunkering down to finish their summer terms. While f2f traffic has been light, the OWC has been busier this year than normal (as you know!). Based on howContinue reading “Summer Session Means Stress for Skeleton Staff”

Session Notes

Higher Order Concerns We talked about ways to develop a main idea using the following strategies Listing Scribing Considering readers’ needs and what is missing that will help make meaning Essay Organizer worksheet Lower Order Concerns I pointed out some patterns of error, including punctuation and how to recognize a sentence and know when sentencesContinue reading “Session Notes”

Introducing Dr. Jones

I have a character, Dr. Laila E. Jones, who runs a university writing center. In my head, her story unfolds through her writing – her emails, journal entries, Teams messages at work, text messages with loved ones, conference proposals, etc. I honestly have no idea where her story will take her or any of us,Continue reading “Introducing Dr. Jones”

Reading, Writing, and Ritual

When my family takes a road trip and we cross a state line, we all do the wave and chant, “[State name], woohoo!” It’s corny, but we look forward to it. At the outset of our trips, our teenage kids ask how many state lines we will cross, and we all keep watch as we getContinue reading “Reading, Writing, and Ritual”


I’m an introvert. My journey through self care as an educator speaks as much to my introversion as it does to my love of reading and journaling. I have adored my work in education. But it is hard, draining, even debilitating. I’ve loved my students and colleagues, and I’ve fully spent myself on my work.Continue reading “#IntrovertEducator”

Quick and Dirty Post about Journaling

Journaling does not require a lot of time. I’ll repeat. Journaling does not require a lot of time. Rules of journaling Write at least one thing (word, sentence, paragraph – your choice). Don’t backtrack. If you missed a day (or a week or a month) don’t try to recapture what your life was. Just startContinue reading “Quick and Dirty Post about Journaling”

Let Life Inspire What You Journal

A new pair of shoes got me re-evaluating my whole life today. The shoes arrived a few days ago, tantalizingly packaged in a black and white box. I recognize the black and white design of my new shoes matching the box was coincidental, but I appreciated this synergy as I unboxed my new kicks. IContinue reading “Let Life Inspire What You Journal”

Pros & Cons of Manual and Electronic Reading and Journaling

When you go to Braums and order a hot caramel sundae, the person scooping your ice cream will ask if you want whipped cream and a cherry. The only acceptable answer is, “Yes, please,” because you want both. Whipped cream is delicious, and so are maraschino cherries, but one could never substitute for the other.Continue reading “Pros & Cons of Manual and Electronic Reading and Journaling”

Two Simple Ways to Improve Your Writing – Reading and Journaling

In ninth or tenth grade, I wrote a story on the life of a piece of pocket lint. I don’t remember details about that piece of pocket lint, but I know it had an epic journey, and I felt good when I turned in the assignment. When my teacher returned my story to me, aContinue reading “Two Simple Ways to Improve Your Writing – Reading and Journaling”