What I’m Reading Wednesday – No New Collection System Edition

So I don’t have a list of articles I’ve read in the past week, because I hit my storage limit in Evernote. Yes, I told you this last time. And the time before that. I clearly haven’t figured out how to keep the articles I read. Or if I want to do so.

At this point, having not yet figured out a new system, I have to ask myself if having a collection system is really what I want. Now there are things that I truly want that I’m not currently making any moves on, but generally speaking, if I want something, I’ll figure out at least how to get started. I’m a great starter. But I haven’t done so yet, so I’m going to coach myself by asking some powerful, clarifying questions. I’ll get back to you next time about what I uncovered.

Update on Interview with the Vampire. I have released it. It was the right decision.

Now back to my regularly scheduling posting.

On to the reading for this week.

  • She Builds: The Anti-Hustle Guide to Grow Your Business and Nourish Your Life – Jadah Sellner
  • A Healing Touch: The Power of Prayer – Melanie Hemry
  • When Women Were Dragons – Kelly Barnhill

If you’ve read any of these or plan to read them, please leave a comment. I figure most of us could use someone to talk to about what we’re reading.

And lastly, but very importantly, what are you reading?

Enjoy your reading this week!

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