School Year 2020-2021 Prayer

Lord, It’s the beginning of another school year, a school year like we’ve never seen before. We are struggling. All of us. Students, parents, educators. Everyone. So I’m asking for a good school year – a year filled with light, love, and learning, with grace and gratitude, with peace and patience. We are all navigatingContinue reading “School Year 2020-2021 Prayer”

Benefits of Early Morning Reading and Journaling

I breastfed my son until he was 15 months old. From birth until 15 months old, he only took a bottle once. When I dropped him off at daycare, I nursed him before I left. When I picked him up, I nursed him before heading home. He preferred to spend the day on a hungerContinue reading “Benefits of Early Morning Reading and Journaling”

Seek to Serve

We are called to serve, but we can only serve out of abundance, not lack.  An empty vessel has nothing to pour. Leaders who don’t understand they need fuel to thrive or how they provide value cannot serve well. How can you serve? Start with what you’re good at. Sometimes we think service must lookContinue reading “Seek to Serve”

Fascinating and Fruitful Literature

When I was about 8 years old and didn’t care a lick about God, I read the bible in my free time. I know that sounds bizarre, but hear me out. The bible is fascinating literature. I loved reading the incredible stories – giants, floods, massacres, water beasts, talking animals, talking bushes, plagues, slavery, intrigue, animal sacrifices,Continue reading “Fascinating and Fruitful Literature”

Home Work

I’ve always enjoyed working from home; it just took me a few decades to realize it. When I was a kid, I took home seriously. It was my favorite place. I learned each nook and every cranny. I explored the yard. I created space for my dolls to luxuriate. My job was to learn andContinue reading “Home Work”