Educator Enrichment Track

Check out the various LELA House offerings for educators below. They include services for institutional transformation through individual coaching.

Current State

Education leaders at every level, pk teachers to university presidents, are burned out. Educating the nation under normal circumstances is herculean. Doing so during a pandemic becomes nearly impossible. Most districts and institutions offer a variety of development opportunities for leaders.  These opportunities are often location-bound, however.  They also largely provide training on how to develop protocols and pedagogies, but focus less on how to see students as people or how to develop personally.  Many education leaders feel they must spend their time managing processes and meeting mandates more than developing people and themselves, which leaves them discouraged.  These feelings lead to burnout and a vicious cycle of throwing solutions at the wrong problems.


I offer virtual coaching services to districts and institutions that will provide regular, ongoing development opportunities that focus on individual growth while allowing education leaders to hone their interpersonal skills and increase engagement.

All services are virtual and include the following.

  • 1:1 executive life coaching


According to the Institute of Coaching (n.d.), the benefits of coaching in organizations include the following: increased employee engagement and performance, development of personal responsibility, and demonstrated organizational commitment to employee growth.  Van Oosten (2013) adds that coaching “amplifies leader work engagement and career satisfaction,” (Conclusions) honing in, specifically, on the benefit coaching relationships have for leaders.  Furthermore, the occurrence of a coaching ripple effect explains that people connected to leaders who receive coaching also experience “positive increases in wellbeing” (O’Connor & Cavanagh, 2014).  Coaching provides benefits for both the education leaders receiving coaching and the people who interact with them, like students, colleagues, family members, and beyond.


If you’re ready to transform your institution through individual coaching, fill out the contact form below to receive more information and discuss how we can partner together.

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