Enrichment Tracks

LELA House offers 3 enrichment tracks for you to discover your unique design, become critically engaged, and transform your community.

Educational Enrichment Tracks:

Learners, Families, Educators

Sometimes we enter into new, foreign territory, and we aren’t sure how to navigate the journey.  Many of us won’t venture into the ‘new’ because we can’t SEE where we are headed, even if we’ve seen others do it.  But, we know that new journeys bring new experiences of joy and happiness.  What I’ve learned is that we need people with us along the way.  We need people that will meet us where we are and encourage us from that point, until we get to the next point and are ready to try again.  It’s essential to experience love along the way, and love from others, so we remain courageous and curious about what lies ahead.  Roshaunda did that for me.  She has been holding my hand, and for that I am eternally grateful.  Let her hold yours.  You will thank me later.

— Tiffany S.

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