A Fun Ride

Why do I read aloud from 19th Century American books by and about black people? Because this list from Barnes and Noble of 45 (45!) 19th Century books that modern people should read only contains one (1!) book by a black author (and I won’t even get into how few American authors are on the list). Now, if you haven’t read Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas (the black author I mentioned), you most definitely should. It’s long and complex and compelling and intriguing. It’s absolute genius!

I’ve read many but not all of the books on that list, so I have some work to do myself, but I guarantee you there are works by 19th Century black Americans that should be on that list. I think everyone should read more 19th Century American texts, but if you’re a historical fiction fan who enjoys reading books about the 19th Century, your next logical step is to read books written in the 19th Century.

I’m here to help.

Check out my membership site, Roshaunda’s Reading Room, where I read aloud from 19th Century American texts and add my commentary. I also post questions with each reading, a weekly writing prompt to help you connect the reading to your life, and I host a monthly book club meeting to discuss the readings. So far, everything I’ve read has been by and/or about black people, and I think I’ll stick with that for the foreseeable future. No matter where the texts take us, however, it will be a fun ride.

Check out Roshaunda’s Reading Room for more information and join today!

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