Virtual Summer Reading Challenge for Adults

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Y’all, I’m thinking about hosting a virtual summer reading challenge for adults. I just thought of this this morning, so it’s not fully fleshed out, but below is what I’m thinking about.

A themed challenge, not just a page count challenge. Some theme ideas follow.

  • Reading through specific genres.
  • Reading through the alphabet.
  • Reading through the states.
  • First and Last (read an author’s first book and their last book)
  • Through the decades (read a book published in each specified decade)
  • All of the above categories but we will only read authors of specific demographics (women, African Americans, etc.)

There would be prizes, because who doesn’t love prizes. Some prize ideas follow.

  • Coaching session with me. Click to see your coaching possibilities.
  • Amazon gift card.
  • LELA Luxuries. LELA Luxuries are hand-made items (eg: candles and bookmarks) that I make and eventually plan to sell to the LELA House community.

We also would enjoy synchronous Zoom gatherings. Those might look like a read-in, where we all sit and read together and then have a chance to discuss what we’re reading. If enough people participate, we can form teams and have some friendly competitions.

I’ve started looking into platforms to host this, but I haven’t stumbled upon anything that feels right quite yet. As I said, however, I only began thinking about it this morning, so ideas are still a-brewing.

I’d just love to do something fun to read with others and up my own reading game.

I would charge a nominal fee ($5) to participate. Spending $5 for a chance to get personalized coaching, an Amazon gift card, and swag is a pretty good deal, if I say so myself. I would totally do it. 🙂

What do you think? Are you in?

If you’re interested, sign up below. You will not be charged by signing up. This is just my way of learning how many people are interested in participating. I’ll send you more information as summer approaches, and you will have the opportunity to opt out, if you so choose.

Click here to sign up!

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