Just a Little Rob Base for Your Friday Afternoon

6/9/17 Dr. Laila E. Jones IM messages with a work colleague.

Cecily – are you busy?

I’m always busy. What’s up?

For starters, why even is that your IM pic?

Because he’s fine. Why is that your IM pic?

Because she looks just like me. Sort of. What are you busy with? It’s 3p on Friday.

Just because you’re playing around on Friday afternoon doesn’t mean we all are.

You’re just mad because you played around on a Tuesday afternoon and didn’t finish your project. Give me 15 minutes, and then I’ll help.

But first what did you message me for?

I just had an idea about what if Rolling Stone interviewed Rob Base.

RS: Welcome! What would you like to do?
RB: I wanna rock right now.
RS: Who are you?
RB: I’m Rob Base.
RS: Why are you here?
RB: And I came to get down.
RS: Where are you famous?
RB: I’m not internationally known.
RS: Well, what are you known for?
RB: But I’m known to rock a microphone.
RS: Why?
RB: Because I get stupid.
RS: What do you mean?
RB: I mean outrageous.
RS: Outrageous? What should we do?
RB: Stay away from me, if you’re contagious.
RS: Who are you, the CDC?
RB: Cuz, I’m a winner.
RS: Are you a loser to?
RB: No, not a loser.
RS: So what will you do next?
RB: To be an MC is what I choose (ah)
RS: Who are your fans?
RB: Ladies love me.
RS: Who else?
RB: Girls adore me.
RS: Which ones?
RB: I mean even the ones who never saw me.
RS: Really, why?
RB: Like the way that I rhyme in a show.
RS: What’s the reason?
RB: The reason why, man? I don’t know.

What is wrong with you?

I was inspired by the greatest rhyme in history – choose-ah to rhyme with loser! Yes!

Writers are weird. Are you going to help me now?

Yes and yes.

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