Prayer + Breathing

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I have an app called “Breathe” that takes you through breathing exercises. I really like it.

I totally didn’t use that app, however, as part of my writing warm-up the other day. But I did use the techniques I’ve learned from the app. I didn’t want to have the lady talking to me while I was trying to focus on God and prayer, but I did hear her say “Well done” in my mind.

So I paid attention to my breathing and I prayed as my writing warm-up.

Just before I began my warm-up, I experienced a disappointment. It was no big deal, and I only felt slight disappointment, but I felt it. So I told God about it. I try to be open with God regarding my emotions. He knows them; He’s experienced them; He can handle them. So I told Him I was disappointed, and then I asked Him what I should write.

And I heard His response quite clearly: Write your disappointment.

Well, what disappointed me would’ve been completely anachronistic in the piece I’m working on, but I wondered what might be disappointing in the context of my story, and I wrote about it.

My writing output wasn’t that great, not shabby, but not great. But the directive to write my own emotions onto the page was illuminating. I give Prayer + Breathing 15/10.

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