School Year 2020-2021 Prayer

Lord, It’s the beginning of another school year, a school year like we’ve never seen before. We are struggling. All of us. Students, parents, educators. Everyone. So I’m asking for a good school year – a year filled with light, love, and learning, with grace and gratitude, with peace and patience. We are all navigatingContinue reading “School Year 2020-2021 Prayer”

What Questions do You Have?

I have questions. About everything. Constantly. In conversation, I ask myriad questions, not because I disbelieve, but because I’m intrigued.  Vast knowledge exists in the world, and I understand so little of it.  I crave to know more. I love to learn. Learning, however, is difficult and painful. It takes effort to approach, digest, understand,Continue reading “What Questions do You Have?”