Fear: Friend or Foe?

Fear keeps us stuck. What are you afraid of that’s keeping you from moving forward? Will whatever it is you fear still be problematic in 1 year? Is it actually problematic now? I’m not poo-pooing fear. Fear is real and serves a purpose. Fear can keep you from doing dangerous things, but fear is alsoContinue reading “Fear: Friend or Foe?”

All the Things You Are

This morning, I challenge you to write down the ways you are strong, bold, courageous, loved, motivated, healthy, intelligent, creative, enough, confident, special, beautiful, fearless, focused, disciplined, wanted, peaceful, capable, and grateful. Then revisit the list every day. Let me know what happens in your life when you do.

Journaling for Transformation: 31 Days to Discover Your Next Step is now open!

Stop struggling to discover your next step, and start journaling instead! Journaling for Transformation will help you cultivate a journaling habit and discover the next step of your transformation. You can access Journaling for Transformation by clicking HERE! In addition to all of the bonuses the course already offers you, if you purchase the course before Thursday, 9/17/20,Continue reading “Journaling for Transformation: 31 Days to Discover Your Next Step is now open!”