Journaling for Transformation: 31 Days to Discover Your Next Step is now open!

Stop struggling to discover your next step, and start journaling instead! Journaling for Transformation will help you cultivate a journaling habit and discover the next step of your transformation.

You can access Journaling for Transformation by clicking HERE!

In addition to all of the bonuses the course already offers you, if you purchase the course before Thursday, 9/17/20, you will get a FREE one-hour coaching session with me! I can’t wait to meet you and talk about your next step.

As a reminder, this is what you get with the course.

  • daily encouraging emails
  • reasons to incorporate a daily journaling habit into your life
  • tips on cultivating a daily journaling habit
  • practice journaling to daily prompts
  • strategies to fit journaling into your busy schedule in just 10-15 minutes per day
  • 31 brief video lessons (approximately 5 minutes each – yes, you have time to squeeze this into your day!)
  • 31 daily journaling prompts
  • Workbook for your 31 daily journaling prompts (the workbook is a fillable pdf you can download and print or use right on your computer)


But since it takes an average of 66 days to form a habit, you get 35 more days of journal prompts!

After course completion, you also gain access to the following….

  • 14 additional journaling prompts delivered daily after course completion
  • 14 bonus prompts in your workbook (31 daily journaling prompts + your 14 bonus prompts = 45 days of journaling)
  • 14 additional daily encouraging emails
  • My pdf/flip book Journaling for Self Care and Self Discovery
  • Journaling for Self Care and Self Discovery Workbook that has 21 journal prompts (the workbook is a fillable pdf you can download and print or use right on your computer)
  • 21 additional daily encouraging emails
  • Link to LELA House journaling prompts archive, so you can have ongoing access to journaling prompts
  • And the BIG BONUS  – a free 1-hour one-on-one coaching session with me, if you purchase this course before September 17, 2020!


This means you’ll get a personalized, 1-on-1 coaching session PLUS 66 days of encouragement, journaling instruction, and journaling prompts delivered to your inbox each day (a $250 value) for only $47!

Purchase Journaling for Transformation now and reserve your free coaching session.

I’m so excited for your transformation!

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