OWC, Onward!

July 2017

So my therapist was right about journaling. I get jittery when I don’t journal. Am I an addict? Can you get addicted to journaling? Wait, why did I even sit down to journal?

Ah, yes, budgets. How could I forget budgets. I need to start my budget proposal, and my dream is to expand the OWC. Extensively. How will I ever make that case? I’m not sure, but I know I’m darn sure going to try.

So goals. How do I want to expand the OWC? I want the OWC to serve every student, be a repository for worksheets, etc., have a less than 24-hur turnaround time. For starters. Once the crew gets a break after the end of term rush, we will talk about what a world class OWC looks like and how we will serve students and the community.

Wow, it was kind of scary to write that down but scary good, not scary bad.

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